Premier Research Labs Bone Health


Premier Research Labs Premier Bone Health offers a comprehensive formula that provides premier quality nutrients for healthy bone and connective tissue support.* It offers nature-sourced minerals, tocotrienols, vitamin K2-7 (which is vitamin K2 as the preferred menoquinone-7 form) as well as two key phytochemical blends: Bone Mineral Max and Phyto-Mineral Essentials, to provide a broad range of beneficial phytonutrients for optimal nutritional balance.

  • Supports bones and connective tissue health
  • Features plant-based minerals, delta tocotrienol and vitamin K2
  • Phyto-Mineral Essentials, to provide a broad range for optimal nutritional balance

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Research shows that vitamin K2 is one of the most deficient vitamins in the American diet. Vitamin K2 as the menoquinone-7 form has been shown to remain biologically active in the blood (longer than other K forms) which optimizes vitamin K2 activity in the entire body.* Because vitamin K2 helps control calcium balance, it acts to transport calcium out of the bloodstream and into tissues that are deficient. These actions support strong bones as well as cardiovascular health.* It is critical to have sufficient amounts of vitamin K2-7 present so it can interact with vitamin D to synthesize bone protein necessary for bone growth and density.


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