Neuro Emotional Technique

    Our Neuro Emotional Technique helps treat emotion and stress responses that are connected to physiological responses in our body.

    Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) was developed by Dr. Scott Walker. It originated when Dr. Walker discovered that his patients in motor vehicle accidents had more favorable outcomes to chiropractic treatment when corrections were made to the human body while the patient visualized the incident in which the injury occurred. Using this concept, Dr. Walker developed NET.

    NET helps identify neuro emotional complexes. These “NEC”s are defined as subjective maladaptation syndromes. These adopted responses by the patient to a real or perceived threat trigger a survival response that may manifest in a wide variety of symptoms including visceral dysfunction, vertebral subluxations, and bioelectrical impedance.

    NET is not counseling or psychotherapy, and is not intended to replace such interventions.

    Resolution of NECs through the use of NET results in a physiological shift in the body, and has been proven in fMRI studies to change cerebellar functional connectivity and brain physiology.