Quantum Neurology

    We specialize in Quantum Neurology, a nerve testing and rehabilitation treatment using light therapy and nerve specific exercises.

    Quantum Neurology (QN) was developed by Dr. George Gonzalez out of necessity after his wife was semi-paralyzed in the lower half of her body during an accident.

    Using infrared/red light technology and his understanding of the nervous system, Dr. Gonzalez conceptualized the “holographic nervous system.” He used the idea that each cell in the body is working together simultaneously as well as has the blueprint for each other cell, and then a “disruption of the holograph causes imbalances within the nervous system that leads to loss of sensations, muscular inhibition, and organ dysfunction.

    Using concepts from ancient martial arts married to neurology, Dr. Gonzalez developed a technique to bring congruence back to the human body that allows practitioners to take their patients from dysfunction to optimal function.

    Quantum Neurology is functional neurology at its core, and is now used across the globe to heal patients as well as optimize function for athletes, CEO’s, and people interested at performing in the upper echelons in their profession.