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An elite group of more than 25 therapeutic grade oils that support the body as it works to prevent and manage autoimmune syndromes.

Primary Benefits

  • Prevention and immune support in “sick” environments.
  • Contains antibacterial and detoxification properties, which make it an effective hand sanitizer.
  • Supports the immune system during flu season—and year round.
  • A broad-spectrum essential oil of choice for overwhelming symptoms and syndromes.
  • Supports the body as it counters negative effects of viruses, bacteria, parasites, mold, mildew and other invaders.

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About Elite Harmony

Elite Harmony is a combination of each of the other five VerVita essential oils and blends. It is an elite group of more than 25 therapeutic grade essential oils that support the body as it works to prevent and manage autoimmune syndromes. This is done by balancing the emotions and the body’s immune, circulatory, digestive and neurological systems as they work effectively and efficiently…together.

Think about it. A healthy body is able to maintain health and balance despite emotional and physical attacks. But when the body can no longer resist viral, bacterial, mold, yeast, fungal, and parasite attacks, it becomes vulnerable to autoimmune syndromes. If attacks continue, a domino effect is created as the brain, heart, digestive and other systems of the body work overtime to compensate and support the immune system. The result is a long list of chronic, life-altering syndromes that appear because of many layers of stress and imbalance.

This is when elite therapy becomes necessary. Its special designed formula contains therapeutic frequencies that address imbalance and stress. By supporting the body as a whole, Elite Harmony elevates the survival standard of a depressed and dysfunctional immune system.

Key Ingredients

The Elite Harmony formula equals 20% Black Cumin, 20% Immune Harmony, 20% Sore to Soar, 20% Present Moment and 20% Heart Harmony. This combination creates a powerful synergy that supports the whole body: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Black Cumin promotes a healthy digestives system, nourishes the blood, and calms, balances, and regulates the immune system. Frankincense supports a healthy immune system, digestion, hormones and skin. Together with Orange and Tangerine, the stress response is reduced. Lavender, Rose Otto and Ylang Ylang relax and calm. Tea Tree, Thyme and Cinnamon Bark support the immune system with antibacterial, anti-viral, and antimicrobial properties. Blue Tansy calms the nervous system, detoxifies the liver and lymph system. Petitgrain balances the nervous, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems. Peppermint, Ho Wood and Jasmine calm while also uplifting the brain and emotions.

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