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    • Kwadwo Joyner

      I love this place. Dr. Hoeper always answers any questions I have and has literature available to go more in depth about the supplements he provides. From helping me cure digestive issues I have had for years to diagnosing the root problems of my running injuries (arches) I have yet to have a bad experience coming her now for almost a year and a half. I recommend Dr. Hoeper to all my friends and c [...]

    • Dan F

      I have been to a number of functional medicine doctors for the past 15 years. Dr. Hoeper is by far the best I have ever been to. Other doctors have put me on so many different supplements, which individually may be fine but when combining them together, they actually do not work well for me and cancel the benefits of the good supplements out, which was proven by Dr. Hoeper through muscle testing [...]

    • Matt Antis

      Dr. Hoeper is one of a kind. He takes the time to actually listen to your needs and understand what issues you may be having with your body. He’s helped me realize and understand things about my body I never knew before. He’s truly talented in what he does. You won’t be disappointed! [...]

    • Natalie Chron

      I have been under Dr. Hoeper’s care for 10 weeks. He provides great care and he has helped me solve my health issues. I finally feel better after years of different medications and numerous doctor visits. I am so happy that I went to Nutrifarmacy and took a more natural approach to my health. [...]

    • Tara Hannah

      My daughter and I have been seeing Dr. Hoeper and have had wonderful results. My daughter was having severe stomach pains and through his help she eliminated several food groups and add some supplements and feels a ton better. He gives great adjustments. Never had one adjustments by any other chiropractor until Dr. Hoeper and I my neck is so much better because of it. He found the problem immed [...]

    • William Newcomer

      Under Dr. Hoeper’s care my digestion is improved for the first time in years, as well as my sleep. I am able to sleep through the night and if I wake up for any reason I’m able to get back to sleep. My husband has had digestive/fungal issues for years, after Dr. Heoper’s diagnosis and diet and supplements, he is finally seeing progress. We appreciate Dr. Hoeper not overprescribing supplemen [...]

    • Marla Turnbull

      Dr. Hoeper has been treating me for two years since he began working at NutriFarmacy. I have seen amazing results from curing my vertigo, helping my balance with exercises, giving me a diet plan and medication to help with my Hashimoto’s disease and continued maintenance of health issues. He will not give you supplements that you do not need. He muscle test everything before giving it to you. H [...]

    • Liz Z

      For years I suffered from exhaustion, digestive issues , migraines and poor health. Every doctor would always say eat a "healthy , well-balanced diet". But that advise is very vague. Doctor Hoeper gave me very specific dietary changes - exactly what to eat and exactly what to avoid. I noticed a difference after several months and now a year later I feel much healthier and have more energy than I [...]

    • Mark Bedel

      I decided after hearing many good reports about Dr. Hoeper, and after a disappointing visit to a dermatologist a year ago, that I'd pay him a visit. I have been struggling with what appeared to be a seasonal eczema issue over the past few years that was getting progressively worse with each passing year. It was manifesting itself in several areas of the body , but what particularly bothersome wa [...]

    • Joanne Dougherty

      I had terrible digestive issues. Dr. Hoeper did some muscle testing, suggested some dietary changes and gave me one herb. Within a month I was 90% improved. His shop is well stocked and his prices are competitive with online retailers. [...]

    • Susan Cardoza

      Highly recommended! The team of Dr. Hoeper and Lynn Petrocelli has been more effective in re-balancing my metabolism than anything else I have tried to date! Their diagnostic tools are more accurate than those used in standard medical practice and address source issues rather than just symptomatic ones. Their method is a partnering with you to discover and achieve your optimal state of wellness r [...]

    • Samuel Riley

      Dr. Hoeper is my go to health care provider. He has helped me in all areas of my health including pain, digestive issues, skin irritations and the list goes on. He is extremely knowledgeable and over the years I've come to learn there is no issue he can't fix. [...]

    • Julie Shirley

      I went to so many medical doctors over several months, trying to figure out the cause of my dizziness, head fog, and severe fatigue. They couldn't find anything "wrong" with me. So, I stopped going to MDs. It wasn't until I found Dr. Hoeper and two visits later that my energy came back, the fogginess and dizziness began to subside. I have seen him a total of five times, and currently, this is the [...]

    • Diane Capilongo

      I was diagnosed with Hoshimoto's about 3 years ago and was not feeling good at all. After going to Dr. Hoeper and following the dietary and lifestyle recommendations, I am feeling best I have felt in a long, long time. I am very excited about the increased energy and better mood Iam enjoying now. I appreciate that Dr Hoeper takes the time to explain things and answer all of my questions. He is gr [...]

    • Amy Todd

      Dr Hoeper is extremely knowledgeable caring supportive and passionate on how to heal the body within.. I trust him with my many chronic health issues and the wellbeing of my kids.. My son refers to him as the “Magic Dr” because he can fix back, neck and many other young athlete pains we bring to him. His professional knowledge and expertise on high quality suppliments and dietary effects on [...]

    • Melanie Rehder

      Since I began following the dietary changes and supplements from Dr Hoeper, my health and particularly my chronic pain have gotten so much better! I have been sleeping better for the first time in years as well! I have been able to get off of many prescription medications that I have been on for years! My body is getting detoxed! [...]

    • Peggy Baxter

      I met Dr. Hoeper through my fitness instructor almost one year ago and at that time we talked briefly about the field of functional medicine. I have been an RN for almost 50 years and was ready to learn why I wasn't feeling well no matter my efforts to do so. At my first visit, I told Dr. H about a chronic cough I had for the last 5 years. I had 2 endoscopies in less than a year; results [...]

    • Karen Casaceli

      If you are looking for total health care, this is the place to go. Dr. Hoeper is very thorough and really gets to the root of your health issues. He is well versed in all things medical, as well as what is best for you nutritionally. He figures out what your body needs, and communicates that information a way that makes sense. Dr. Hoeper was able to help me resolve my issues through dietary c [...]

    • Andrea L

      I have had chronic Lyme disease, with a frozen shoulder. With the many doctors seen on my Lyme journey, I ended up with an 8+ times a day dosing schedule of an 8 page list of meds, neutraceuticals, and herbal supplements. Dr. Hoeper said that through Applied Kinesiology, the supplements could be drastically reduced, and they were. He worked on my shoulder for one long session, and it was 90% [...]

    • Lauren Thompson

      I spent a year on antacids and seeing doctors; I was being told to take more meds and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I got sick if I ate, I got sick if I didn’t eat. I couldn’t win. I ended up at 40mg of omeprozole in the am and 20mg of Zantac before bed. I am 27, too young for this to be a thing. It was incredibly frustrating and discouraging. As I progressively got worse I decide [...]

    • Olivia Robertson

      Dr. Hoeper's approach is truly holistic. He and his staff are all very helpful and caring! [...]

    • Joe Williams

      Used to buy all my supplements on Amazon but prices here for quality products are comparable, and having a knowledgeable professional like Dr. Hoeper there to answer questions is a big plus [...]

    • Andy Alan

      Very hard to find good chiropractors but Dr Hoeper is one of them! [...]

    • Mark Silberg

      I use the infra-red sauna and it is great. They are knowledgeable and friendly and I recommend them. [...]

    • Shannon Palmer

      High quality supplements, with an extremely knowledgable doctor on staff. Definitely the best investment I’ve made in my health! [...]

    • frank grippo

      I love this shop! They always have what the other stores have and don't have with way better quality. The staff is also so friendly! [...]

    • Michael Voit

      I buy my fish oils and joint formulas there. [...]

    • Nick Capilongo

      Excellent is all aspects [...]