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This blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils assists in relieving pain, emotional and physical. Ho Wood, spruce, blue tansy and frankincense balance emotions and calm a wounded spirit while relieving physical pain anywhere in the body, including the bones, muscles and joints.

Primary Benefits

  • Assists the body in restoring structural balance and alignment
  • Balances the emotions and calms the wounded spirit
  • Helps maintain a healthy gut ecosystem as it has anti-parasitic properties
  • Aids in healing inflamed or damaged skin
  • Relieves pain, including, nerve, bone, muscle and joint pain

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Why it Works

Sore to Soar offers a harmonious synergy of essential oils including Ho Wood, spruce, blue tansy and frankincense. These therapeutic grade essential oils are combined to provide relief from physical pain, and emotional pain that is revealed as fear and anger.

Think about it. What hurts? Is it your eyes, knees, hips? Is it your nerves, bones or muscles? Is it a sore throat, a burn, or a traumatic injury? These are just a few types of physical pain that may benefit from Sore to Soar essential oil. There is also emotional pain. It may be due to a painful relationship, life circumstances, or even chronic physical pain.

Physical pain and emotional pain often go hand in hand. Physical pain will often summon an emotional response, which is rarely positive. Imagine smashing your finger with a hammer; now that’s an emotional response! Even the heart may respond with a gasp—skipping a beat with the sudden pain.

Chronic physical pain also affects the emotions. The constant tension and hopelessness of continual pain wears on the emotions, causing withdrawal, fear or anger. This may also happen with emotional pain as the heart and brain work to deal with the continual hurt and stress.

Sore to Soar’s blend of essential oils is designed to address both physical pain (nerves, bones, joints, skin, muscles, etc.) and the emotional pain which causes the sore or inflammatory responses like fear and anger.

Key Ingredients

Studies show Ho Wood, which is rich in linalool, has a sedative effect. It brings emotions into balance and has been used to lift one’s spirit out of depression. It is anti-parasitic. Spruce essential oil emotionally uplifts and balances; also known for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and a cortisone-like effect. It is also anti-parasitic. Blue Tansy is an effective anti-inflammatory that calms the nervous system, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It helps detoxify the liver and lymphatic system. Frankincense contains sesquiterpene molecules, which bring nourishing and energizing oxygen to the cells for healing and restoration.

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