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Supreme Nutrition Oral Supreme is a non-medicated oral hygiene product that was developed to help prevent the spread of harmful microbes to the rest of the body.

Many people harbor microbes that have the potential to cause dysbiosis in their mouths and under their gums. Ultrasonic cleaning or even mechanical cleaning can possibly help spread these organisms further down into the digestive tract and perhaps to other parts of the body. These organisms can come from food, water, sexual activity, etc. Clinical trials have helped us develop a proprietary blend of 2 essential oils (Mentha spicata and Cedarus deodora) that appear to help control this phenomena*.

This is an all-natural product unlike most dental hygiene products on the market that contain alcohol (up to 27%) as well as sweetening and chemicals.

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About Oral Supreme

When Oral Supreme first came out its goal was to provide a great antimicrobial product to apply to the teeth and gums. Not a lot was known at that time in the alternative medicine world about dental biofilms. Once the knowledge became widespread and there became known various methods to identify these (both from scrapings and from more energetic/kinesiologic methods), we began to see how common these are and how they can contribute to dysbiosis in general.

We have decided to totally reformulate Oral Supreme with this in mind. Not only will it retain its superb antimicrobial (bacterial, parasitic, fungal, spirochete) properties but the herbs used also have good research behind them to have the ability to degrade biofilms. We have not only researched but tested the product out and we feel this will be a very superior product.


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