Nutritional Frontiers Seven Flowers, 180 pellets


Nutritional Frontiers Seven Flowers is nutritionally designed help to lower blood pressure, and lipid levels. It may also have a calming effect on the body without the usual side effects. Many people have found great relief with Seven Flowers – they sleep better, live calmer and relate to stress better. It may also help relieve eye pressure and improve vision.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formula. Beneficial in reducing mild to moderate blood pressure. Works by relaxing the nervous system and consequently reducing the stress on the cardiovascular system. In Traditional Chinese Medicine blue flowers are used to reduce blood pressure. All of the flowers in Seven Flowers BP are from the blue flower family.

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Christanthemi Flower Extract- TCM uses it in expelling wind, clearing away heat, calming the liver and improving acuity of vision. As the herb is slightly cold in nature and acts on the lung and liver channels.

Honeysuckle Flower Extract- The fragrant yellow flowers of the honeysuckle vine are used in herbal medicine around the world for cleansing, consuming,and digesting. The flowers of Lonicera japonica, or Japanese honeysuckle, have the added property of stimulating circulation to remove inflammation. Used in Asia medicinally for thousands of years, honeysuckle is an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, diuretic, and used to reduce blood pressure. The buds and flowers are made into puddings and syrups, and the stems and flowers, used together, are made into an infusion for help with upper respiratory tract infections.

Sophora Japonica Flower Extract- Is a main component of many Chinese herbal formulas. Its main function is to remove heat from the blood, stop bleeding and remove heat from the liver. It has been used historically to help support high blood pressure, hemorrhoids and headaches. Some practitioners also use it for eyesight, eye pressure and conjunctivitis.

Brunella Flower Extract- This is generally called prunella and brunella from the Germans who called it brunellen. Traditionally has been used to treat inflammation of the mouth, throat, and tongue. It has also been used to help reduce inflammation to support healthy blood pressure levels.

Nodo Ginseng Flower Extract- Ginseng is a marvelous tonic, if taken in correct dosage. It not only is good for reducing blood pressure, but is good for the heart, circulation, and reducing cholesterol amongst other diseases. It is an adaptogenic herb meaning it helps the body to balance itself out in many of its systems. That is, if you have hypertension, it will help bring it down. If you have hypotension, it will help bring it up.

Water Fairy Flower Extract- The flower symbolism associated with the narcissus is normality, stay sweet, self-esteem and vanity. Also called elegant garlic water fairy flower has been used to support good fortune and prosperity. It has been used to support a sense of calm for hypertension and as a heart tonic.

Black Moss Flower- The herb’s soothing action led to its use in supporting the management of stress, ulcers and gastritis. It has also been reported to be valuable use for bronchitis, colds, and other respiratory disorders, such as tuberculosis.

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