In order to understand health, one needs to understand light.

    This does not only mean getting enough light, but also the right light. Why is light so important? Photosynthesis is the key mechanism that allows life to exist. Everything that is currently alive is due to the fact that photosynthesis converts light into energy in the form of glucose. The local environment is a reflection of the availability of light, water, and magnetism in that area. 

    This is what makes different areas on the planet “unique”. Notice how bananas do not and can not grow in Maine, and spinach/rhubarb are near impossible to grow in a climate like Florida. This is due to the photonic energy of the sun. In the same regard, you won’t see many iguana in Maine either. This is where you come in! Like it or not, YOU are also an organism that requires these things! Just because you can drive a car or have an office job does not exclude you from the fundamental laws of nature. You also require light.

    If you are properly synchronized with your environment and the light signals from your environment, then eating a diet with abundant amounts seafood, fish, and other animals/wild game protein and fat, in addition to local and seasonal vegetation diet is the healthiest diet (there are other things that can affect this, so it isn’t as obvious as it seems). All food we consume is eventually utilized in our body in the form of electrons. Therefore, food is better understood as electron information that is a byproduct of the environment it manifested in.

    The human body also perform photosynthesis using red light and infrared light. These light frequencies are best obtained in AM sunlight. They are also obtained by fire. With enough of this kind of light, we require less food due to the fact that water in the presence of the correct light exposure generates free energy in our body. Our body uses the electron transport chain for energy. Understand that completely avoiding natural sunlight not only unhealthy, but dangerous for human beings. 

    Sunlight also helps program our bodies through our skin by allowing us to make Vitamin D from cholesterol

    Sunlight also programs our bodies through Vitamin A in our eyes. Vitamin A is important to acquire from your diet, but it is also recycled in your eye by sunlight. As sunlight changes throughout the day, your eyes send this information to a portion of your brain called the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus which allows your body to tell time. Telling time is very important for your brain, because the brain controls the body. When your brain loses control of your body, your chance of acquiring disease increases. 

    Your brain also receives important light signals from the sun, so the more sunlight your eyes and your skin receive, more likely your body will operate in a healthy fashion. The light signals from the sun regulate the human circadian rhythm, and the human circadian rhythm has control of your organ/immune/digestive/endocrine systems. It also controls sleep, cognition, and ultimately the way you behave.

    Activity level and feeding schedule also impact your circadian rhythm. This is why consistent meal timing and exercise timing are important regulators of the human circadian rhythm. Breakfast high in protein and fat is an extremely potent “time giver” because it supplies us with the necessary building blocks for the requirements of our body for the day,

    Notice that you have different hormone secretions at different times of day. These hormone secretions depend on your exposure to sunlight. The biggest take-away from the above illustrations is that in order for your circadian rhythm to be correct, it requires sunlight (or lack thereof.) 

    You can see the above chart shows the comparison of different lights. Understand that the “daylight” chart is actually not a static measurement, but is constantly changing as the earth rotates and orbits the sun. 

    A majority of the problems we face as a society is that we have a “new” kind if sun. Although artificial lights don’t seem new, they have only been around from 120 years. We can trace our ancestors existence millions of years back. This means for millions of years, we had two sources of light: sun and fire. This light is what programmed us up until roughly 120 years ago, when artificial light was introduced. 

    Remember how the sun regulated our bodies into our circadian rhythm? Remember, the light from the sun constantly changes throughout the day, communicating with our skin and with our eyes to allow us to tell time and regulate our bodies. Now think about artificial light. It only has one setting. To your circadian rhythm, this is extremely disruptive because time essentially “stops”. 

    Looking at the above picture, one can easily deduce that the wavelengths coming from the sun throughout the day produce an infinite amount of changing solar frequencies which human beings have been exposed to on a daily basis throughout our entire existence up until 120 years ago based on it’s position. The position of the sun controls the climate, the climate controls local photosynthesis, and photosynthesis allows for robust and complex life forms to exist.

    Without this constant, our bodies struggle to “tell time”. Timing is what controls our bodies. Without proper time-telling, our brain loses control of the body. All dis-ease begins when the brain loses control of the body.

    Lack of light is also important. There is a specific time in the 24 hour period where we don’t want light. This is obviously when the sun goes down. Darkness is important because our bodies release melatonin, the hormone which puts our body in “night-mode”. It is largely unaffected by infrared and red light (fire). Melatonin signaling is necessary for proper physiologic function, and a lack thereof quickly destroys healthy physiology. Poor sleep is one of the first signs of dis-ease.

    When we use artificial light at night, it is easy to imagine that you are artificially extending your day length at the expense of your night. Artificial light in the evening outside the red and infrared spectrum massively impairs your ability to properly release melatonin. Any loss of melatonin signaling to your body cascades to every major organ system, hormone/endocrine signalling, immune system, and digestion. Remember light signals the body through your skin and your eyes. So clothes, glasses, contacts etc interfere with light signalling during the day, and artificial light signals a certain time of the day, regardless of the actual time of day.

    Light is extremely important to all forms of life. Optimizing light is one of the fundamental pillars to regaining and having excellent health!