I wanted to write to anyone and everyone to both introduce myself, and to talk a bit about a local store that has been serving the health and wellness needs of the greater Pittsburgh region (and for some customers across the United States!): Nutrifarmacy.

    Some of you may have been with Nutrifarmacy since it’s conception, however much has changed since then and I believe it is important to be transparent with our long-time customers as well as those who are just beginning their health journey or are on their journey and are looking for a new path.

    The original founder Daniel T. Wagner, was a doctor of pharmacy. He described NutriFARMACY as “…a new concept pharmacy specializing in nutrition, wellness and health care, in April 1997.”

    Daniel Wagner retired from Nutrifarmacy in 2016, and sold the business to a third party group of investors. Unfortunately they were not healthcare professionals, leaving Nutrifarmacy to be just a retail vitamin and supplement store.

    In June 2018, I purchased Nutrifarmacy. This would probably be a good time to introduce myself! I am Dr. Gregory H. Hoeper. I graduated New York Chiropractic College in 2017, however I have a long history of experience in natural medicine.

    My mother (who is also a chiropractor) is trained in herbology by Native Americans, in acupuncture, classical homeopathy, and Applied Kinesiology by the founder Dr. George Goodheart. She has been practicing what I would consider a mixture of Chinese medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, kinesiology, energy medicine, and chiropractic since 1981 (lucky for me she had a few years under her belt before I became the family guinea pig in 1989.) I grew up with natural medicine my entire life.

    I wasn’t always the healthiest. I attended the University of Scranton from 2007-2011 for Criminal Justice where I ballooned up to 281 pounds. College left me with joint pain, digestion issues, and other chronic conditions (which I now refer to as diseases of lifestyle and environment). However, after graduation I found a love for health and natural medicine, lost 100 pounds, and decided to go back to school to share my love of natural medicine and knowledge of health with anyone willing to listen!

    Today, we hear more about viruses, parasites, fungal issues, lymes, bacterial infections, and other microbial issues than ever before. They have become more common, more virulent, and harder to eradicate. Allergies and food sensitivities seem to plague more people. Autoimmunity seems effect more and more people (according to some estimates 1 in 6 people from roughly 3% of people in 1997). Cancer is on the rise. Heavy metals and other environmental allergens seem to be everywhere we turn. Mental health, neurodevelopmental, and neurodegenerative disease continue to become more prevalent. Food continues to become more nutrient depleted and artificial. Cell phone towers plague our environment, constantly emitting radiation we have never encountered before. We spend most of our time under artificial, toxic lighting. We consume more prescription medication and spend more money of healthcare than ANY OTHER COUNTRY, yet we continue to get SICKER EVERY YEAR.

    So I am hear to continue to fulfill Nutrifarmacy’s original mission statement:

    NutriFARMACY carries a full line of their superior quality vitamins, herbs, and health supplements, from leading companies in the United States and from all over the WORLD.

    NutriFARMACY is a vital natural medicine information center for the community at large. We are recognized as experts in natural medicine/conventional medicine counseling, and proudly practice “integrative medicine.”

    At NutriFARMACY we also pride ourselves in providing nutrition/herbal/diet consultations, especially for people who are concurrently taking prescription medicines. We offer yoga, nutrition, herbs, and stress management.”

    I will be periodically sending out e-mails with information, upcoming sales and events, new products, protocols and case studies, articles, videos, services, and promotions. If you need anything, feel free to contact us at the our location (412) 486-4588 or info@nutrifarmacy.com.

    In good health,
    Dr. Gregory Hoeper