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Ionic Foot Detox (IonCleanse)

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The IonCleanse by AMD is a safe, non-invasive total body detoxification and relaxation system. It’s patented and proprietary technology send biocompatible electrical frequencies into the water. This elicits a relaxation response. Concurrently, these frequencies create an ionic field that cleanses and purifies the body through the power of ions. The IonCleanse process ionizes the water as H20 is split into OH – and H + ions. These ions attract and neutralize oppositely charged toxins. The toxins are drawn out in the water during the foot bath, and also released through the body’s own detox pathways up to 4 or 5 days post-cleanse. When the session is over, the user feels calm, relaxed, and focused. Typical session times vary from 10-30 minutes, based primarily upon age. There are no harmful side-effects, and the process is painless and non-invasive.



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Suggested Use

Children between the ages of 2 through 14 should do 15 to 25 minute sessions three times a week indefinitely (special needs kids are discussed next). Please ensure there is adult supervision for children during the entire session.

Adolescents and adults up to 50 years in age, can do 30-minute sessions every other day or three times a week for a series of 12 sessions.

For adults over the age of 50, we recommend 30-minute sessions twice a week for a series of 12 sessions, unless you are in a weakened condition. In which case, session time can be reduced to as little as 10 minutes.
After the series of 12 sessions you can one session every two weeks as a maintenance.

Special Needs Children
Special needs children require a more aggressive protocol. Unless instructed otherwise by your practitioner, use the IonCleanse by AMD 2 days on, 1 day off indefinitely. Initial session times are determined by age:

2 - 4: 15 minutes
5 - 8: 20 minutes
9 - 14: 25 minutes
15 and over: 30 minutes

Special needs children are more prone to detoxification reactions, or Herxheimer reactions. They tend to display an increase in behaviors before things improve. This is quite normal; however, you always have the ability to cut down on time or frequency as you or your practitioner deem necessary.


As with any detoxification program, hydration and supplementation are helpful. Drink enough water during and after the IonCleanse sessions. We also recommend taking mineral supplements to further enhance the process.
Please refer to your practitioner for guidance.

More Information on Ionic Foot Detox (IonCleanse)

Ionic foot detoxification is an exciting therapy Nutrifarmacy brings to the greater Pittsburgh area, including Wexford, Allison Park, and Gibsonia. Ionic foot detoxification is a revolutionary way to quickly and easily bring the body back into balance utilizing negative ions to strengthen the immune system, assist with internal body cleansing, and improve health in general. Submerged coils cause the ionization of water, splitting H2O into H+ and OH- ions (and sometimes H3O+ and H2O2). These ions enter through the 4,000 pores within our feet during a session. These ions, transported through the circulatory and lymphatic system, neutralize opposingly charged toxins to slowly exit the body through normal functions such as perspiration, defecation, and urination hours after the session. If you are close to Pittsburgh, Allison Park, Gibsonia, or Wexford stop in and try Ionic Foot Detoxification to improve your health!

Heavy Metals Report

See Heavy Metals Report

There was sufficient data to demonstrate that clients using the IonCleanse by AMD had statistically significant reductions of toxic elements in their blood compared to those not using the IonCleanse by AMD.

Al Aluminum

46% Reduction in Aluminum

Cd Cadmium

24% Reduction in Cadmium

Glyphosate Reduction

See Glyphosate Reduction Report

IonCleanse by AMD detox footbath usage resulted in lower glyphosate levels in study participants as compared to the control group. Therefore, this method of detox appears to be a successful therapy in the excretion of glyphosate in humans.

Heavy Metal Excretion Post-Cleanse

See Heavy Metal Excretion Post-Cleanse Report

  • Participant 1+154.54% Change
  • Participant 2+61.84% Change
What’s in the Water

See The Full Report

This study revealed the presence of urea, glucose, and creatinine molecules in the bathwater after the IonCleanse by AMD was used.

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