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HA Plus, sold online or at Nutrifarmacy in Pittsburgh

HA Plus Powder


Natural joint and muscle lubricant, Hyaluronic acid, also moisturizes skin and carries nutrients to wounds.

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  1. HA (HyaMax™) – (vegetarian) is the standardized natural Hyaluronic acid
  2. Glucosamine HCl – (vegetarian) 100% vegetable source produced via of corn fermentation. Glucosamine is a fast acting nutritional building block for connective tissue. It is necessary for the production of hyaluronic acid (HA) and chondroitin sulfates which support joint comfort and mobility.
  3. Chondroitin sulfates – matrix of connective tissue and are principle components of cartilage and synovial fluid found in joints. Bind cartilage, tendons and ligaments together and provide shock absorption.
  4. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) – supports joint comfort, supplies sulfur to aid in synthesizing collagen for connective tissue health, plus maintain cell membrane flexibility.
  5. Beta-glucans – provide enhanced immune function and minimize support inflammation. Helps with resistance to fungals.
  6. Arabinogalactans (AG) – long chained, densely branched polysaccharides which helps immune-stimulating and anti-inflammatory properties. Rich in Quercetin, a histamine and leukotrienes inhibitor.

Brand: Nutritional Frontiers

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