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Dr. Hoeper applying the bioscan technology to a patient in Pittsburgh's North Hills

Bioscan MSA Appointment


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Every wonder why you feel so sluggish after eating certain foods? Can’t figure out why you’re always sneezing when you visit certain friends or relatives? Are you already taking supplements, but not sure which are actually effective for your personal situation?

Nutrifarmacy’s BioScan technology uses state-of-the-art concepts to measure your specific body’s reactions to allergens, food, supplements; it can even access pressure points and other metrics to see which parts of your body are out of balance, and help us pinpoint exactly what we’ll do to fix any problems.

The BioScan provides a comprehensive test that measures the flow of energy according to European medical research through acupuncture points related to the body’s major organs and systems. Major groups of these points are called meridians. By carefully analyzing the energetic impulses flowing between meridians, we can assess whether these pathways are blocked or restricted.

Dr. Hoeper demonstrating the BioScan

When your meridian pathways are clocked, you may experience weakness, illness, or chronic disease. The BioScan provides us with the feedback we need to make nutritional recommendations that will strengthen and balance the body.

Unlike other tests on the market, the BioScan is completely non-invasive and pain-free. However, it still provides you with a comprehensive picture of the major systems and organs within your body. It creates a complete circuit (like an EEG or EKG) using a highly sensitive ohm meter that measures the flow of energy between each meridian point and organ. This information is plotted on a graph that we use to develop a personalized plan suited for your specific needs

In about 30 minutes and for only $100, we’ll have a full scan of your body and real, actionable steps to get you headed down the path that’s going to provide the best results for you!

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BioScan now at Nutrifarmacy

The BioScan System is an FDA Cleared testing tool which measures galvanic skin response using a low current which is applied at specific AcuPoints. Using the associated meridian pathways, the BioScan System gathers objective, reliable, and reproducible measurements. From this data, the practitioner can determine which areas of the body that are balanced, stressed, or weakened.

In 15 to 30 minutes you can assess a customized protocol of drainage, detoxifying, and nourishing support a patient may need to achieve optimal health.

An extensive database of stressors of both potentially balancing and stressing substances can be accessed for further biofeedback scanning to pinpoint both positive and negative resonances for more advanced testing.

BioScan is a portable testing system that allows:

  • Real Time (ElectroDermal) testing and analysis of responses to known stressors and allergens
  • Immediate results from scanning the body using specific acupuncture points to access various meridians related to the body’s 14 major systems and organs and plot that data on an easy to read chart;
  • Nutritional Testing to determine sensitivity to foods, additives, other ingredients, and whether they are effecting the body in an acute or chronic manner
  • Vitamin and Supplement Screening to determine need as well as BioCompatability
  • Balance Abnormal Responses through proprietary protocols with resonant frequency generation and light therapy
  • Correct Inappropriate Responses and make related symptoms no longer necessary
  • Enhance Balancing Remedies for client/patient home reinforcement
  • Incorporate the energetic duplication of Homeopathic Remedies thru signal output with a wide selection of homacords and single potency dilution combinations

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