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CBD products for pets are available from Nutrifarmacy in Pittsburgh's North Hills

Every day it seems that more and more anecdotal evidence comes in about the benefits of CBD — cannabidiol — ranging from easing pain and anxiety to being some miracle cure for everything that has ever ailed anyone.

That some people are a bit skeptical is to be understood. Since CBD is derived from cannabis, and most of us associate that with marijuana, and such products have been illegal in the United States for decades, convincing people that all of these health benefits are real isn’t always easy. Questions like “how does CBD work” and even “does CBD actually work?” are commonplace.

What many people don’t know is that the CBD currently available without a medical marijuana license in Pennsylvania is not derived from marijuana, but from hemp. And hemp is now federally legal across the United States.

But another interesting piece of the CBD puzzle has nothing to do with humans. Did you know that there are CBD products available for your pets, too?

First off, we should clarify that CBD products for pets, like our CBD Oil for Pets, will not get your pet high or alter them in the way you may associate with cannabis’ other major compound, THC.

What it can do though, is changing pet owners lives around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the nation in general.

While anecdotal evidence is great for sharing stories around the dinner table, we all know how much pet lovers, well, love their pets, and don’t want to take a risk on their health. So when vice chairman of the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents Jeffrey Powers came out to support his findings that CBD does in fact relieve anxiety in his Saint Bernard, that takes things from common conversation to a professional in the field endorsing a product.

Dr. Francisco DiPolo, a vet at Worth Street Veterinary Center in New York City, also prescribes CBD for four-legged patients, for everything from anxiety to pain to seizures, however he does make it clear that CBD is not a cure for everything. This should be kept in mind when judging whether to look to CBD to help your own cat or dog with their problems.

While more research is absolutely warranted, research in general is not completely lacking.

A Cornell study from 2017 points to cannabidiol (CBD) oil increasing comfort in dogs with osteoarthritis. That same study showed increased levels of activity in the same dogs.

Another study, which points to CBD’s anticonvulsant and antiepileptic properties, sought to determine how well CBD works when administered orally to dogs. The results? Inconclusive.

So where do you lean? Certainly, if a friend whose pet is suffering greatly from a similar condition as your own indicates that CBD has helped their dog, you’ll want to do whatever you can for your own furry friend as well, no?

We could turn to the FDA for their advice, which is currently, “[we’re] collecting information about marijuana and marijuana-derived products being marketed for animals. FDA reminds consumers that these products have not been evaluated by FDA for safety and effectiveness, and we recommend that you talk with your veterinarian about appropriate treatment options for your pet.” Keep in mind, CBD products available without a medical marijuana license in Pennsylvania are derived from hemp, not marijuana.

So the conclusion? We haven’t fully reached a conclusion yet.

That said, more and more studies are constantly being performed, and even this study from the US National Library’s National Institutes of Health states that “CBD appears to be safe and tolerable.”

We’ll continue to follow along with new information and report back here at the Nutrifarmacy as it becomes available.

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